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One of the things that has been unique about living the last year in quarantine and with less and less face to face interaction with people is that we’re leaning even more on the internet and social media to provide the news that helps shape your world view.

Democrat, Republican, Independent, Lizard people believer, whatever you are, you are able to find your people on the internet and get your news and information from like minded people.  Regardless of your own belief system, being informed strictly by people who are like you can be dangerous to create an echo chamber.

In order to try and avoid said echo chamber, I’ve been relying heavily on an information source that is unbiased, trusted by by Grandma, and never wrong.

Yes, I’ve stopped consuming news unless it comes from the Farmer’s Almanac.

Per Wikipedia: 

Farmers’ Almanac is an annual American periodical that has been in continuous publication since 1818. Published by Geiger of Lewiston, Maine, the Farmers’ Almanac provides long-range weather predictions for both the U.S. and Canada. The periodical also provides calendars, and articles on topics such as: Full moon dates and lore, natural remedies, and the best days to do various outdoor activities.

So using the Farmer’s Almanac, I can find out what days are best for 2021, as seen below: 

There are also helpful sections about gardening in small spaces, and home remedies for the flu.  I mean try and tell me a better resource for finding out all of these different things.  You can’t!  Listen, the farmer’s almanac might have slightly missed the winter storm we just had in Texas (Damn you polar vortex!) but at least I had a recipe for appetizers that feature maple syrup and flavors.

It also has a ton of really good information such as this handy table to convert common household ingredients.  How wonderful! 

I think the information we consume is a choice.  And because of the internet, isolation and social media we all have way too many choices.  So regardless of how you feel, I cannot recommend the Farmer’s Almanac enough!

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