Shock and Awe

I like weird.  I enjoy things that are sometimes challenging or outside the norm.

Last weekend, like everyone else during this pandemic, I was looking for something to stream.  I stumbled across “In and Of Itself” which is a special by magician and storyteller Derek DelGaudio.

I think it is important to emphasize that Derek does magic during this.  It isn’t silly magic, but magic that compliments and enhances the stories that he tells throughout the experience.

When watching it, I think you need to go into with an open mind.  Put your phone down and just watch and focus on the experience.  Derek did this show for over 2 years and each night the emotional toll that it would have taken is pretty remarkable.  It is thoughtful, haunting and a moving experience that is best watched and understood for each person as opposed to trying to tell you to understand it or what I think it means. 

The experience of what Derek has created is pretty incredible, and I’d highly encourage you to take some time and watch it, seeing what is possible when we remove expectations and the titles we place on things.  This special isn’t magic, and it isn’t a one person show.  It is something entirely unique and weird that I’d recommend to everyone.

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