How can we ever go back to pants

Perhaps the biggest winner of the last 13 months of a global pandemic, forcing people to stay indoors and quarantine (except in the state of Florida, which somehow found a way to get even more gross) has been Athlesiure.

That’s right. The phenomenon of wearing “workout clothes” for all sorts of formal occasions such as Bris, Wedding, or Quinceanera. Athleisure has become quickly everybody’s default response to “I might not like being stuck at home, but at least I don’t have to wear real pants anymore”

So the leads us to the question of how can one ever go back to pants? Wearing Jeans? I’d rather lay in front of traffic. Khakis? I’d rather jump off a bridge? A suit? I’d rather go to multiple Bris.

Besides feeling a closer connection as human beings, having gone through a shared traumatic event together, I also hope we keep in mind that we can never go back to wearing pants. And if someone in your life even suggests it, you know that they’re a COVID denier and probably believe in QAnon.

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