Not a perfect soldier, but a good man


What is incredible about Marvel, is they are consistently telling new and original stories that tie back into the lore and overall themes and stories that they’ve been telling for over 10 years now. It is remarkable writing and storytelling that allow these moments of interconnected bliss for the fans.

Never is this more true than in “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”. The story follows Falcon and the Winter Soldier as they deal with a world without Steve Rogers, the original Captain America. Both Sam (Falcon) and Bucky (Winter Soldier) have personal connections to Steve, and they share the desire to attempt to live up to the example that he set.

During episode 4, the new Captain America John Walker takes a new sample of the super solider serum, giving him the strength and other powers of the original Captain America. It is during the struggle with how Walker uses his new powers that I’m reminded of this scene from the original Captain America movie from 2011.

And this is what makes the writing team at Marvel remarkable. This same issue that was one of the foundational pieces of a story from 10 years ago continues to make its way through this new story, in a way that is both familiar and continues moving the story forward.

The beauty of the Steve Roger’s Captain America was that he wasn’t a perfect soldier, but he was a a good man. And that character arc continues in Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Trying to live up to the mantle of Captain America and be a good man is a simple task, but one that is incredibly difficult to achieve. That struggle is a key plot point of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and it is wonderfully constructed.

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