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After indulging in one of the true fast food delights, the McChicken sandwich from McDonald’s, it had me thinking.

What is truly the best value in fast food?

We’re not talking about price per item, or normal combo meals.  The ground rules here are: 

– This item is typically found on a value menu, or a side menu

– Singular menu item – sides and drinks do not count towards the perceived value.

The Contenders 

The McChicken Sandwich – McDonalds 

What more needs to be said.  Tons of weird lettuce (that I like for some even weirder reason) a crispy mild or spicy check breast and a ton of mayo.  It just works, it is cheap and easy to get, and compliments any of the other meals that you might get as a great warm up.

2 Tacos- Jack In The Box 

The first thing I ever tried from Jack In The Box and I’ve been hooked every since.  For some reason, deep frying tacos and adding some spicy sauce and melted American cheese just works.  I’ve heard if you eat more than 6 of them you can see into the future.

Beefy Cheese Burrito – Taco Bell

Nearly the entire menu at Taco Bell could be considered the value menu, but this one just hits right.  Beef, melted cheese, stuffed in a grilled tortilla.  What could be better?

Spicy Chicken Nuggets- Wendy’s 

Arguably the best chicken nuggets in the game, getting a nice four pack is an incredible value to any of the sub par burgers from Wendy’s. 

Jr Deluxe Cheeseburger – Sonic 

I think the most underrated item in this hypothetical discussion.  Sonic burgers are underrated and this is a good sized burger for the price.  Also bonus points for the additional toppings that are on it.  It isn’t just a plain burger.

The Conclusion 

After a lot of thought, I believe the answer here is the 2 tacos from Jack N The Box.  They’re tasty, consistent, and all knowing.  You can get them all day long with breakfast, lunch or dinner, and either way they’re normally liquid hot in the middle since they’ve just been deep fried.

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